Vasudev Balvant fadake.

Vasudev Balvant fadake.

    We will learn something special about Vasudev Balwant fadake, the current revolutionary of the Indian independence movement.

Vasudev's original family is from Kelshi in Ratnagiri district of Konkan.Vasudev's grandfather Anantrao fadake was the fortress of Karnala fort.He fought the British for two to three days before he was given the fort in 1818.After the Karnala fort was occupied by the British, the fadke family came to the village of Shiredhon (Raigad) in the eastern Colaba district.This is what Vasudev Balwant fadke.

  • Vasudev's primary education was at Shirdhon.During the five years 1855 to 60, Vasudev's secondary education took place at Kalyan, Mumbai, Pune.Vasudev quit his English education after the fifth and started his job.
  • Vasudev got his first job in the GIP Railway.Since he was not accustomed to being a gentleman in front of a senior English officer, his job in the railway was soon abandoned.After that, the job of an accountant at Grant Medical College did not last long.

  • Finally, in 1863, Vasudev joined the army accounting department.He worked there for the next 16 years, ie February 21, 1879.On February 21, 1879, he rebelled against the army.
  • In 1865, he was transferred from Mumbai to Pune.Later, Pune became his workplace.
  • The atmosphere in the office they were working in was very mechanical.Vasudev was very sensitive.Once the leave was not approved in time, they could not visit their sick mother.Vasudev, who was saddened by this, had lodged a complaint in this regard till direct seniority.From here the revolutionary space between them became.
  • In 1871 a public meeting was established in Pune.Through this, Mahadev Govind Ranade gave two lectures on indigenous movement.These lectures and the propagation of native newspapers have given credence to the revolutionary attitude of fadke.
  • Later, Vasudev started giving patriotic lectures in Pune.
  • There were droughts in many places in Maharashtra between 1876 and 78. During the period of drought, diseases of the poor population like plague, plaque and poor people became very frequent.Farmers' livestock died, and a great noise everywhere.
  • Vasudev traveled for many days in Pune, Nagar, Nashik and learned about the plight of people."In the country's famine, poverty, foreign government is responsible, they should be expelled and the government of their people should be established," he said.
  • Vasudev wanted to get up and running at the right time.But no one supported their idea.Apart from supporting them in the white-educated classes, they turned to Ramoshi, Dhangar, the backward class, and started a campaign under their own leadership.
  • Headquarters of the rebels were established at Lonikand, near Pune.Plans were made to raid government treasuries, moneylenders, baniyas.Railways, prisons, wires and post offices were demolished to block the government.
  • On the evening of February 22, 1879, a large crowd of Ramosis came to have dinner, some to silver, some to Sheila Pagote, to whom five ten rupees were placed on their hands and a revolt against the oppressive British power.
  • During the next five weeks, the rebels attacked Dhamari, Dawadi, Walhe, Harne, Sonapur, Chandkhed etc. The villages of Khasi of Sahiadri were looted.Vasudev Balwant's idea was to rob money lenders and raise new gangs and save the government from the Godhead.

    Ramoshi was a master at robbery; But beyond the passions, they have patriotism, patriotism, etc. Didn't know anything.They took the spoil and plundered it in their town.By the end of March, in the last month and a half, only ten to fifteen Ramoshi were left with Vasudev.
      • With a few moments left, Vasudev Balwant returned to Pune with a desperate heart.From there, he left for Kanchan and reached Solapur by rail.Later, they traveled through Ganapapur to the holy temple of Srimalikarjuna at Sri Shailam.
      • He decided to surrender Mallikarjun on 17 April 1879.On the same day, Vasudev started writing his autobiography.It was around this time that he met Raghunath Moreshwar Bhat, a housekeeper and offered a helping hand.Therefore, Vasudev Balwant gave up the idea of ​​surrender and decided to return to Pune.
      • Raghunath Bhatni met Ismail Khan, the leader of the Rohillas, with Vasudev.Vasudev got along with about 500 Rohil Ismail Khans.Besides, Raghunath Bhata got some more men.Thus, the support of about 900 men stood behind Vasudev.
      Meanwhile, the government was ready to start negotiations with Vasudev, a rebel.However, before the negotiations were over, Vasudev Balwant was from Gangapur.

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