Solanum Nigrum Ayurvedic Medicine | Ayurvedic Treatment Advantages and disadvantages

Solanum Nigrum Ayurvedic Medicine | Ayurvedic Treatment Advantages and disadvantages

 Solanum Nigrum Ayurvedic Medicine | Ayurvedic Treatment Advantages and disadvantages

Drugs of Makoy: -

1. White stains
2. bloody piles, fever
3. smallpox, insomnia
4. ophthalmology
Solanum Nigrum Ayurvedic Medicine.

    Solanum Nigrum 

5. ear pain, pimples
6. toothache
7. heart disease
8. ascites
9. emesis
10. digestive power
11. liver enlargement
12. spleen enlargement
13. jaundice
14. inflammation In the treatment of diseases like diuresis
15. diuresis
16. kidney inflammation
17. white stains
18. red rock
19. rat poison

Nutrients found in black nightshade plant

1.Macoy's bile contains protein 5.9%,
2.fat minerals 2.1%, carbohydrates 8.9%,
3. calcium 410%,
4. phosphorus 60%,
5. iron 20.5% mg per 100 grams of riboflavin 0. 59%,
6. nicotinic acid 0.92%,
7. vitamin C 0.11% and B,
8. Carotene is 0.74% mg per 100 grams.
 The raw green fruits contain four restrides, alkaloids, solamargine, solsonin and ARB sola nigrin. The total base is 0.101–0.431%. The ripe fruits contain glucose and fructose 15-20% and bituminous C, and seeds produce a greenish-yellow oil.
Parts Used for Makoy Plant
The parts used for Makoy plant - root of Makoy, stem of Makoy, leaves of Makoy, flowers of Makoy, fruit of Makoy, powder of Makoy etc. are useful parts of Makoy.

Solanum nigrum tree names in different languages

1. Botanical name – Solanum nigrum
2. Hindi – Makoy
3. English - Black Night and Night Shades
4. Sanskri - Kakamachi, Rasayamvara, Kakini, Sravatikta
5. Punjabi - Ketchumche
6. Marathi - Kuda
7. Bengali - Kakamachi, Gudkamai
8. Telugu - Kachi
9. Kannada - Garikesopu
10. Arabic - Imbusa-Lab
11. 10.Persian - Grapes, Robah
12. 11.Uttar Pradeshit - Jhamkoia.

1. Advantages and procedure of black nightshade in white stain:

In leprosy (white stain), grinding 20-30 grams leaves of kakamachi (black makoy) and applying it on the skin is destroyed by leprosy root.

2. Benefits and intake method of solanum nigrum in piles:

In bloody piles, after cleansing the leaves of makoya, fresh juice and grinding out more than 15 grams of it and applying it on regular moles in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in piles.

3. Benefits and intake method of makoya in fever:

Fever is cured soon after taking two or three consecutive days in the morning and evening by making a decoction of Makoye to the patient suffering from fever.

4. Benefits and intake method of rasbhari in chicken pox:

Black box is formed on the face due to chicken pox. If smallpox is not treated in a timely manner, it leaves a stain on the face. For the treatment of chicken pox, it is cured by drinking the juice of Macoy’s.

5. Advantage and intake method of Makoy in insomnia:

In insomnia, mixing 10 to 20 grams decoction of makoya roots with some jaggery and giving it at night, sleep well.

6. Benefits and methods of Makoy in ophthalmology:

In eye disease, by covering the eyes of the people of Pill disease, fumigating the eyes with the ghee and fruits of Makoy, the eye worms come out.

7. Benefits and intake method of makoya in ear pain:

In ear pain in ear pain, dripping 2-4 drops of lukewarm juice of makoy leaves in the ear provides relief in ear pain.

8. Benefits and intake method of Makoy in mouth blisters:

Chewing 5-6 leaves of makoya in mouthparts destroys mouth and jaundice.

9. Benefits and procedure of black nightshade in toothache:

Toothache, by mixing ghee or oil in the juice of makoy leaves, rubbing it on the teeth ends teeth pain.

10.Benefits and intake method of Makoye in heart disease:

In heart disease, taking out the leaves, fruits and branches of makoy, using 2 to 8 grams two to three times a day, all types of heart diseases are eliminated.

11.Benefits and intake method of Makoy in vomiting:

Vomiting (vomiting) by mixing 125-250 mg of icing in 10-15 ml juice of makoya stops vomiting.

12. Benefits of Makoy in Makoy's herb and method of consumption:

Makoy leaves and soft branches are made into herbs. Used to eat ripe fruits of Makoy.

13. Benefits and intake method of makoy in digestive power:

Putting 2 grams of peepal powder in 50-60 ml decoction of makoya in dimagni (digestive power), increases digestive power by drinking it twice a day after meals. Washing eyes with this use of Makoy increases the light of the eye.

14. Benefits and intake method of Makoy in liver enlargement:

For peace of spleen, decoction of makoya should be taken by drinking 50-60 ml of sand salt and cumin or mixed with mango juice, honey and spleen benefits.

15. Advantage and procedure of black nightshade in jaundice:

In Kamala (jaundice) disease, decoction of makoya leaves in 50-60 ml of pulses of pulp and sal-ammonia and drinking 4-6 drops of pulp in the morning and evening cures enlarged liver. Jaundice is cured by using 2-5 grams powder of turmeric in 40-60 grams decoction of Makoy.

16. Advantage and procedure of solanum nigrum in inflammation:

Inflammation (inflammation) is the best medicine for the complex problem of inflammation, by applying mild fruits of Makoy fruits on hot and warm swelling above the inflammatory inflammation, the inflammation is disintegrated.

17. Benefits and intake method of Makoy in urination:

In urine, the extract of makoye is administered in a quantity of 10-15 ml.

Solanum Nigrum Ayurvedic Medicine.

   Solanum Nigrum Ayurvedic Medicine


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