How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

  If you want to rank Hindi blog on google "Yes, you can get it done." And this work is not even more Complicated.

You should follow some tips given below.

    1. Backlink- 

    If you are thinking about creating a backlink, then try to create a backlink from websites or blogs in India. Otherwise, you can create international backlinks and also create backlinks from Indian Websites and Blogs.

    Ranking of your blog will improve soon by creating backlinks from Indian Blogs / Websites.

      Another thing to always remember is relevancy must important. Because 1 Relevant Backlink is better than 100 irrelevant backlink by leaps and bounds.

    That is to say, in a clear word, create a backlink from your blog related to Niche.

    How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

    2. Guest Post

    If you post a guest on another blog, then it can be of great benefit to you. You will get a dofollow backlink from any website or blog on which you post a guest. Which will greatly help in improving the ranking of your blog.

    Along with the ranking improving - you will have another benefit of posting a guest. That you will get traffic from that blog, website. If your posts are liked by the readers of that blog.

    Increase your blog reputation in Google

    Your blog's reputation will increase in the eyes of Google. Because if you guest post on a blog with a good Domain Authority and Page Authority So from there you get the Do follow Backlink. Through it, link juice is passed, which plays a very important role in ranking your blog and your articles in the top.

    How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

    Guest Post creates a connection between you and other bloggers

     which gives you a lot of benefit in the future. Blog Setting or Traffic. Your Blogger Friend informs others about your blog at your request. Which benefits you.

    Quality and Value Based Article-

      90% of the people in our country are people who like to read Hindi even if they know 20 to 30% of English. But everyone loves reading easily. Whether it is a morning newspaper or a news channel on T.V, everyone likes to watch in Hindi.

    How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

    Use English + Hindi instead of pure Hindi

    In such a situation, if you want to rank Hindi blog, then the most important thing you have to remember is that you do not have to use pure Hindi.

    [For Exp: - You leave there without delay] You should not do this at all because such pure Hindi words users have to face a problem in understanding. The result of which you will have to suffer with increasing the Bounce Rate and losing the readers.

    1.Readers will leave your blog because they do not understand anything. Even if you have Quality + Helpful Content on your blog. So what you have to do is to use Mix language Hindi + English. Nowadays, this language is given more preference by the new generation.

    How To Rank Hindi Blog On Google | Hindi Blog Ko Google Pe Rank Kaise Kare

       Bounce Rate – 

    This Increase will happen when users will return to your blog as soon as they arrive. It is clear that users do not like your content. So that Goggle gets a direct signal that there is no quality content on your blog. Due to which the ranking of your articles and blog will go down day by day.
    Then success in blogging will be very difficult. So take special care of this matter.
    Article should have Headings from H1 to H6 so that users will not face any problem while reading, and if you use Headings from H1 to H6 correctly. So search engine [Google] is also easy to understand on which topic your article is on. Well Formatted article looks beautiful too. Chances are increased by having a well formatted article that the user will definitely share your content on their social media handles.


     Check the images before publishing the article. It is not said that an image is worth a thousand words. Therefore, definitely use 2 to 3 images in the article. If you want to rank Blog, then first get your articles ranked. What will you need to do for this.

     To rank Keyword Research-

     Article, it is necessary that you work on a Keyword, that is to write Keyword Based article. Do a keyword search that has at least 500 Monthly Searches. If you are a beginner  bloggerthen. Because initially neither your DA nor PA is high. In such a situation, it is very difficult for new Blogger to rank article on high search volume and high competition keyword. So try in the beginning to write an article on low search volume keywords.
    Once you have done Keyword Research, enter and search that Keyword in Google and see how the first 3 or 5 Articles are written. How many words are there, how many images have been used and where from where backlink has been created on those articles. What to do after seeing all this.
    If the highest of the first 3 or 5 articles is 2200 words, then you will have to write an article of 2500 to 3000 thousand words.
    If the highest 5 images out of all the articles are used, then you have to use 6 to 7 images. And if there are 10 backlinks on an article, then you have to create 12 to 15 Backlink. In this way you can beat those articles and rank on Google's Number 1 Position.

    Now I do not say that you will be ranked at Number 1 Position. You also have sufficient time for this. And it depends on all your activities.

    Once visitors start coming to your blog, the ranking of the blog will also improve and traffic will also increase.

    I hope you will get some help from this article given by me. If you like this article then do comment and follow my website


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