How Do I Write SEO Friendly Best Blog Posts | 10 Basics Tips For Bloggers

How Do I Write SEO Friendly Best Blog Posts | 10 Basics Tips For Bloggers

How do I write seo friendly best blog posts

Post easily understood by both Search Engine and users is called SEO Friendly Blog Post and writing SEO Friendly Blog Post is a skill which can be improved by practice like other skills.People think that writing SEO Friendly Post is a difficult task but it is not so because the post can be made SEO Friendly by following some simple steps.Post Title, Blog Structure, Post Formate, Headings and Paragraphs etc. are very important in ranking a blog, which is very easy to make SEO friendly.
In this post you will understand 10 basics tips for bloggers by which I optimize my Blog Post.

    How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post

    Before understanding the 10 Points of writing SEO Friendly Blog Post, clear one thing in which most people remain confused.
    SEO Friendly Blog Post is only User Friendly Blog Post Some people think and believe that SEO Friendly Blog Post becomes less user friendly which is wrong.

    The correct definition of SEO is that Optimize Blog Post so that Search Engine and Users can easily understand Blog Post.
    If your blog posts do not understand both your users and the search engine, then it is very difficult to get more traffic on the blog.

    If your blog post understands both your users and the search engine, then your blog post search engine will rank higher and users will give more time to your blog post, which will increase the engagements (comments, share) with your blog post visitors.

    Secondly, if your Blog Post is SEO Friendly but the content is not good then people will come to your website but will not go to waste and will not come to your blog again because you are unable to provide them correct information.

    That's why the content is called King and if there is no better content on your blog then there is less chance of your Blog being Search Engine Rank.

    Therefore, you should not expect to rank Blog Post higher by just creating SEO Friendly Blog Post.
    You can take your Blog Post to the first page in Google Search Engine only through the Combination of Good Content and Good SEO.
    Important 10 Points to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

    Now you have understood who is and who is not an optimized blog post, so pay attention to these things before publishing the post.
    Follow 10 important points given below to make Blog Post SEO Friendly.

     Think before you start writing Blog posts

    10 basics tips for bloggers

    If you spend some time thinking in the beginning before writing a blog post, then later you save a lot of time while writing blog posts and how and what to write a blog post is already clear. So, before writing Blog Post, I spend some time thinking about what and how to write in Blog Post.

    Let us tell you below how the post is written on HTIPS. We read other blogs related to our blog categories every day and as soon as a good topic or title is found, then copy the title and URL of that post and keep it in our notes.

    After which, according to the schedule, when you start writing Blog Post, first of all see your notes. All the Topics written in Notes, according to Calender, determine the date for writing and publishing.

    Now it is time to write the post, first of all do detailed analysis about Topic. Which answers the questions given below. Which topic has to be explained in the blog post? The main goal of this blog post is to get more Ranking and Subscriber?

     Determine what benefits those reading Post will receive?
    Finding answers to these questions makes it easier to move on to the next steps.

     Make Structure of Blog Post

    After thinking how and what to write in blog post, the next step is to create the structure of blog post.
    Structure means after which to write points in blog post and how to arrange.

    It is good to divide Blog Post into different parts and it becomes easier to write posts. Writing a point in too many words is better than writing a point in a blog post in about 200 words.

    Important - If you are unable to write a post at a time due to lack of time, then by dividing the blog post into parts, you can complete different sections at different times. And can easily write better posts.

    In general, it is easy to write Introduction, Main Part and Conclusion in a blog post. (As simple as writing an essay.)

    In the blog post, we can divide the main part into several parts according to the need. You see in the photo above how I divided the main part of this post into 10 Points.

    You can also scroll through this entire post and see how I have made the blog post according to the structure.

     Create SEO Friendly Title and URL

    After creating the structure of the blog post, the next step is to create the title and URL of the blog post.
    Most bloggers recommend to create the title and URL before creating the Structure of Blog Post, but according to me before preparing Structure, you know what to cover in Blog Post, after which it is better to create Title and URL.

    Choosing a good and attractive title is very important step to attract SEO and user. Because Title tells Search Engine and Users which topic this page understands.
    A good and SEO Friendly Title should contain the following things

    Title should have 55-60 characters so that the title can be seen in the search result.

    Blog Post's Target Keywords should also be in the Title. (Not keywords stuffing)

    Title What does your blog post tell about this very well.

    Title should be attractive. So that when people see the title in the search results, then click on it after getting attractive.

    For example, you can see the title of this post "How do I  write SEO Friendly best Blog Post - 10 basics tips for bloggers"
    In this title, I have put SEO Friendly Blog Post as the main Keyword and added "How to Write - by Step by Step Guide" which tells search engine and users the correct information about the post.

    Now it comes to SEO Friendly URL, below are the simple points for it.
     Use "-" to separate words in the URL. And if this option is not available in your Blog Post, then you need to change the Permalinks Structure of Blog Post in WordPress.

    Try to keep the URL short, for which you can remove the extra part from the URL. For this, you have to edit the URL manually (before publishing the post).

    For example, the default URL of this post which was generated automatically by the CMS Platform was / SEO-Friendly-Blog-Post-How-Write-My-step-by-step-guide / But I have changed it to SEO Friendly Optimize for / SEO-Friendly-Blog-Post.

    According to some bloggers, url ranking has been considered a factor, but according to Google, it is not much importance.
    Important - If you want to change the URL after publishing the blog post, then you have to redirect the old URL to 301 so that 404 error does not show nor your ranking is low.

    Use the Right Headings.

    Below are some important rules to follow to make the headings of SEO blog post. Use only one H1 Tag in the post. Your blog post should have only one H1 heading which is in your title, so do not use the H1 tag anywhere inside the post.

    Headings in Blog Post are also written in the correct structure like we write the main title in H1 tag, after that the main Sections inside the post should be written in H2 Tag and Subsection should be written in H3 tag.

    Structure of Headings of SEO friendly blog post should be in the sequence of - H1> H2> H3. Due to the structure of the blog post, it becomes easy to arrange the headings of the post correctly.
    Arrange the content of Blog Post properly and it is very easy and it is very important to make SEO Friendly Blog Post. Because it is easy for users to read Organize Content and Search Engine can also read your page scanning easily.

    Write Short Paragraphs.

    I have seen most of the Hindi bloggers knowing and writing big paragraphs and publish posts which is their big mistake.

    Do not make the mistake of publishing big paragraphs in the post by writing because in today's time it is difficult for most users to come to blog posts through mobile.

    So, use small paragraphs and make it easy to get a blog post from mobile.Short Paraghrap means make a pragraph of 2 to 3 sentences and use different type of formatting option like Bold, italic, Underline etc. to make the words less boaring as needed.

    Add Links when needed

    Whenever you write a new blog post, then that post should be added to the blog's old (published) post by internal links.
    Internal linking in SEO Techniques is a very effective and easy method which has the following advantages.

    Through internal links, the search engine can find new pages and when scanning the page sees the new URL, then indexes that new page as well.

    By adding links in post, search is told about which topic the page is about like I have linked the post of SEO in this page, so the search engine will understand that this post is also about SEO.

    This is a good way for people to give detailed information to the Topic of the post, by which you add a link and give people a chance to read new information about the post.

    When Internal Linking is strong, you reduce bounce rate and users spend more time on Blog.

    Do not be afraid to add links on keywords to make it anchor text because if Google also works, then you will not give Penalty for it.
    Because google also uses keywords as anchor text when adding internal links to its blog.

     Use Keywords in Post (not keyword stuffing)

    Using keywords again and again in a blog post is great for ranking, all search engines speak for doing this. At the beginning of the post, I told you that if you write the keywords according to the need, then it is natural and this will rank your blog post.

    But without any need to try to rank a blog post using keywords here, your blog post reduces the chance of ranking.
    This question has been asked a lot, using keywords. Whose answer is below

    In the title of the post
    In Post URL (if possible)
    Main Heading
    In Post Content
    In conclusion (at the end of the post)

    Here you have a hint to reduce keywords stuffing, so that keywords in your post can be prevented from repeating again and again.

    For this, open Google Keywords planner tool or Semrush and search your main keywords.
    Which will show you some keywords related to the main keywords of Blog Post. Some of which use good keywords instead of the main keywords in your blog post.

    Optimize Blog Length

    Studies of some Pro Bloggers have proved that blog posts with longer and detailed information get higher rank because it gets more social likes, share and comments.
    It is also true that this does not mean that your small post will not rank. Because search engines like Quality Content more than Quantity.

    So whenever you write a post on a topic, remember that 1000 people are already standing in your competition, whose post is already published.

    Therefore, it should be your goal to make blog posts better than others, which should have more and more natural links so that when the post is published, then the post gets more attention and the blog post is the best rank.
    To know how long to write Blog Post, you should search the keywords of Blog Post in Google and analyze the 10 results appearing on the first page.
    Analyze the words, links, images, videos and other media of all the results and better keep more words, links, and media in your blog post.

    After creating a better blog post than all the results, publish the post and publish the traffic on the blog with all the available white hats. Do not expect your blog post to be ranked immediately because wait for search engine takes time to rank blog posts. And work on other blog posts.

    Optimize Meta Description

    In the number 3 point above, we have learned to optimize the title and URL. Optimizing Meta Description is equally important.
    Meta Description is a short form of Blog Post (Summary) which has a length of 156 character.

    The Meta tag is shown below the title in search result by Google. So that users can guess about your post. Therefore, Meta Description should be made attractive and complete information so that people click on the post in the search result and read your blog post.

     Optimize images and other media elements

    Images, Videos, Graphics, Infographics and other media elements make Blog Contents more interesting and increase the quality of your Blog.

    Google has clearly stated that it is able to understand images, videos etc. due to which most Bloggers and Webmasters are not able to optimize Images, Infographics etc. for Search Engine.

    To optimize all images, use the name and Human Friendly Alt text related to the images.
    For example, if you use Deep's photo in one of your blog posts, do not keep it named Image16291.jpg and keep it deep.jpg.

    Do not leave the box of ALT TEXT blank, ALT TEXT must write something related to the photo that tells about your photo. Like diwali deep etc.

    Important - Through ALT TEXT, you can increase the chance to rank a post by using the main keywords of Blog Post in the image.

    Bonus Tip - Keep Content Up to date

    In almost all forums, bloggers ask the question that in what time should the blog be updated? And regularly publishing new posts also increases Ranking.

    All these questions are important.
    If someone told me that you don't need to publish Blog Post now, I would be very happy.
    But it is not so that it is very important to update the blog which led to the following reasons.

    Publish a new post gives the number of pages of your website and blog which get indexed in Google and the Domain Authority of Blog increases.

    Publishing your new post brings your Blog Subscriber back to your blog.

    Your readers come to your blog to read new posts.

    This is a good way to get ahead of your competitor’s.

    By creating a new post, your way of writing improves.

    The overall pageviews of your blog increase through new posts, which leads to Adsense Revenue Increase of Blog.

    How do I write SEO friendly best blog posts
    Learn the following things through this postBefore writing a blog post, be sure to spend some time doing research and setup in your mind what we get from this post and what information to provide to the people through the post.Follow all the above mentioned points and write SEO friendly blog post. If there are some old posts on your blog that need optimization, then give them some time to optimize them for search engine and users.Create a schedule for making posts like publish 1 post in 2 days or 2 posts in a week and follow the schedule continuously for a long time.If you are learning Search Engine optimization, then keep publishing Post while learning with patience.Result will not be seen for a month or two but traffic will increase with time and all blog posts will be ranked slowly.

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