What Is Domain Authority? How To Increase And Check

What Is Domain Authority? How To Increase And Check

Domain authority

What is domain authority?

Domain Authority is a strength of any website and a beginner blogger doesn't know the importance of Domain Authority. First of all you need to learn that, what is domain authority? and how to increase and check.
Domain Authority is the main factor that determines how well your website will rank in the search engine.
Domain Authority is a ranking score of your website's domain on the search engine. It has been developed and introduced by Moz which helps in measuring ranking possibilities on SERPs. Higher domains have higher scores than 1–100. They are likely to rank at the top. There is a lot of competition these days and that is why it plays an important role for ranking. This is the main factor that will show you how your website and blog will appear in search.
See you are blogging regularly with the right SEO but you are disappointed because your post is below your competitors post. Your post was posted a few months ago but your competitor posted it yesterday but he is ranking above your post.
DA ranking is a metric of factors and signals based on the number of referring domains and link building. High Domain Authority sites have a large number of quality links to high DA sites.
How to check Domain Authority?
You can check your Domain Authority using online tools and website. The best website to check your domain and sub domain authority. An extension is also available for your Firefox and Chrome browser, through which you can easily check your domain authority and page authority.

How to Increase Domain Authority (DA)?

For you, improving the domain authority of your site is a very important part which will improve your search engine ranking and visibilities. High authority domains are difficult to rank out, so you should work on link building with good domain authority website. Try to get links from highly reputable websites like Govt, Business and high DA score website.
Profile Creation is the first column in Backlinks that will affect your DA. You can get free and paid backlinks from quality website. For good SEO you have to get high quality backlinks from high quality websites like DA PA 70 sites.

 Post Regular Content

Domain authority

Friends, if you want to increase your Domain Authority (DA), then first of all you publish regular content on your blog. Google always tries to give new and good content to your users, so you try to publish regular content, this will increase the trust value of your website in Google.

Create Quality Backlinks


Creating backlinks is very important to increase the Friends Domain Authority (DA). Instead of getting lots of links from some sites, focus on getting quality links from different sources. These will include links to different geolocation, different domain extensions and non-connected sources. Needless to say, the link should be relevant and should be of high quality.

Guest Post

Friends Guest Post Guest Post means to publish a post in another authority website related to your niche is called Guest Post. You maintain good contact with other bloggers and publish an article on their website i.e. guest post. This will give a quality backlink to your blog and traffic will also come and this will also increase the authority of your website.

Remove bad backlinks

Friends you always try to get backlinks from good sites and before getting backlinks, check the spam score of that site. With creating a new link, you have to keep an eye to remove your bad link or broken links of the website. You can use the email notification receive service to monitor backlinks. Whenever a bad link points towards your site, you remove it or disallow these links using Google Disallow tool.

Internal link

This is an important thing that you can control easily. Have you been to the Wikipedia page recently? Have you noticed how strong their internal link is? Make sure that each of your posts is linked to 2-3 posts on the blog. And when you publish a new blog post, go back and link to your old post.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog article What is Domain Authority? How to Increase and Check. This article is for bloggers who have just come into the blogging field.  If you want to write a seo friendly blog post then definitely read this post.

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